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GravaStar G1 portable Bluetooth speaker TWS HiFi stereo wireless speaker subwoofer with surrounding lamp music center 20wHigh Power

AED899.000 AED1,299.000


This wireless speaker with improved BT5.0 connectivity, high compatibility, stylish ambious luminary, sturdy metal design, long battery life and many other benefits can bring users a stunning experience when listening to music. It is carried over anywhere and you will be fascinated by the beautiful stereo sound.


The extended BT5.0 wireless connection provides super fast transmission speeds, range (up to 20 meters) and a lower level of background noise so you can enjoy the realistic stereo sound and the tiny essence of the music.

Extremely high compatibility, maintains full broadcast mode and allows up to a hundred units to play music at a time.

Built-in powerful digital analog converter and signal processor to improve high-precision wide sound range and superior dynamic reproduction.

A built-in lamp with multiple lighting modes allows you to stay on stage anytime, anywhere. The sturdy metal structure with tripod legs creates a stable structure when playing music with heavy bass at high volume. Low power consumption, long battery life up to 30 hours.


Colour: yellow/white/grey (optional)

BT: BT5.0

Resistance Dynamics: 4 Om

Battery capacity: 2600 mAh x 4

Battery life: 30 hours

Power source: 5 in 1.5-2 A

Power output: 20 w

Transmission range: max. 20m

Size: 20/19 cm/7.9 x 7.5in (S q B)

Weight: 1.6 kg/3.5 lbs

The package:1 q GravaStar Speaker1 q USB-C Cable1 q AUX Cable1


Njoy is a huge 20 W sound with reinforced bass and bright LED light for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Touch control

Simply swipe an intuitive touchpad to adjust the volume.

Amortizing design

3 legs of the speaker prevent its movement – even though the volume turns to the maximum.

Wireless stereo pairing

A pair of two GravaStar speakers from Domie through one device for a large stereo sound

Multiple connections

Charge the speaker with a USB-C cable and Connect to Devices with Bluetooth

The atmosphere-strengthening sound?

-For a large stereo sound while playing, watching movies or listening to music, just a pair of two GravaStar speakers from Domie through one device. -Charging the speaker with a USB-C cable and connecting to devices via Bluetooth and AUX connectivity.

Atmosphere-strengthening sound

The speaker provides a massive 20 W clear mids, clear high and intense basses for up to 30 nonstop hours. To create cool effects in your space, LEDs glow and flash in the rhythm of the song.

Загорелась со светодиодными огнями

Что Высокочувствительный тачпад горит со светодиодами для того, чтобы вы могли легко регулировать громкость, даже в ночное время.

Уникальный рельефный дизайн

Трехногий дизайн не только выделяется на вашем столе или столе, но и гарантирует, что динамик остается стабильным, когда вы Взрываете мелодии при максимальной громкости.

Принести в будущем вам

GravaStar is more than just another speaker. We’ve changed the look of the speakers: a tight metal body with sleek angles and built-in psychedelic lamps inspired by futuristic fiction and FPS games.

The metallic spider robot appearance is not only looking cool, but its spherical organizational structure allows sound waves that resonate to activate its audio and leg tripod shapes its stable structure. Weighing 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs), GravaStar remains stable even when playing music with heavy bass at high volume without affecting its sound quality.

Immerse yourself in sound waves

Gravastar has a diameter of 140 mm (5.51 inches) and a radiator 80 mm (3.15 inches). Its Big Bass Driver provides a full and powerful bass for your music and gaming experience. In addition, GravaStar uses a 70 mm (2.76-inch) 15-watt full-range speaker. The natural spherical diaphragm reproduces clear mids and clear high frequencies for clear and smooth sound up to 20 kHz. The bass driver is made of a polyphenil composite with a metallic magnetic core to play deeper drums and vocals.

Detailed view of GravaStar and GravaStar Mini

We have developed 2 GravaStar models: GravaStar and GravaStar Mini. Both models have the same distinctive features, except for its size and lighting.

Spherical speaker of futuristic design

The spherical shape provides GravaStar with a much clearer sound compared to other shapes. Without any parallel walls or edges, the spherical surface can significantly reduce the inner cabinet of sound wave reflection and interference. Meanwhile, the spherical speaker allows sound waves to transform in all directions in the air, so listeners will be immersed in sound waves. People like to be different, as do bluetooth speakers. The design of the “alien” with glowing lamps makes the gravastar look like a creature from space, ready for life.

Decorate your life with a gravastom

Are you tired of the old free cut Bluetooth speakers from real purchased goods to cool? Imagine listening to music, playing video games, enjoying movies and watching sports with GravaStar. Its appearance turns your room into a scene of your favorite sci-fi movie.

Take GravaStar on your next journey

Wireless means freedom, so you can take your gravastar everywhere. Take GravaStar on your next journey and you will see how it will be your best traveler.

Amortizing hook from zinc alloy

The main hull of The GravaStar consists of a high body made of high-quality zinc alloy Sphere, which allows sound waves that resonates in space. Metal legs on the base of the body form a very stable structure, which increases depreciation.

Weighing 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs), gravastar is stable even when playing heavy bass at high volumes, without compromising its sound quality.

Surrounding psychedelic lighting

The mystical motif of the green glow makes GravaStar look like “Space Invader” that gives a higher sense of feel like a high-tech product created in the center of your evening. Note: In the light Of GravaStar green, but in the light of GravaStar mini-red color.

Deep sound

Carefully designed full-range and subwoofer drivers provide crystal clear and distortion-free sound, as well as rich bass in all genres of music, from pop to jazz, to rock.

Bluetooth 5,0

GravaStar is equipped with the latest CRS Bluetooth 5.0, with optimized features: Faster transmission speed; Even more range; Lower Power Consumption

The speaker adopts the device, the docking station of zualcomm with Bluetooth®Conductive audio codex with zualcomm®Technology aptXTM HD, improving the signal/noise ratio to minimize background noise. The listener listens to the most insignificant details in his music to provide a realistic sound that is indistinguishable from a concert in real time.

1 GravaStar q 1 GravaStar

GravaStar is equipped with a CRS Bluetooth chip with a true wireless stereo (TWS), which means that GravaStar can not only be used independently, but can also be connected to the second speakers. So you’ll have a stereo sound in your house.

USB-C Fast Charging – AUX Entrance

GravaStar is charged via USB-C, which has reversible connectors and faster charging, and higher data speeds. Meanwhile, GravaStar also has an AUX input port, giving audio playback options via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo audio cable, giving you a choice of what you need when you use it.

16 hours of battery life

You will be able to use GravaStar for up to 16 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the music, regardless of the time of day or night, indoors or outdoors. Please note that the GravaStar Mini battery life is 10 hours.

The history of the zoo

ITOAO strives for exceptional individuality, draws inspiration from sci-fi film, avant-garde art, extreme sports and independent music to create consumer electronics with top-notch experience in a unique style. In addition to liberating experience, the visuals and characteristics of the product allow the consumer to express their individuality and lifestyle.

  • Brand name: Motospeed
  • Design: Fully Wireless (TWS)
  • How to connect: Wireless
  • Sounding principle: Orthodynamic
  • Connectors: Usb
  • Volume control: Yes
  • Control button: Yes
  • This type of wireless connection: Bluetooth
  • Active noise cancellation: Yes

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