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OnePlus 8 Pro Warp Flash Charge 30 Wireless Charger Flash Charging in 30 Minutes Wireless Charger

AED219.000 AED359.000

OnePlus 8 Pro Warp Flash Charge 30 Wireless Charger Flash Charging in 30 Minutes Wireless Charger


Size: 74*118*77.9mm

Weight: 287g

Shell material: PC V0 flame retardant

Input: 100-220V ~ 50/60Hz 1.2A

Output: 5W/10W/30W

Product instructions and warranty information x 1

Adapted models

30W wireless flash charging: OnePlus 8 Pro

Packing list: OnePlus Warp flash charging 30 wireless charger (integrated adapter) x 1

2. Wireless and flash charging.

The OnePlus 8 Pro will flash charge as soon as it is up, and the speed is very fast. With the Warp Flash Charge 30 wireless charger, you can charge and use as you go. Charging does not need to be wired, which is also safe and convenient.

3. The wireless charging speed is comparable to wired.

It only takes 30 minutes to charge OnePlus 8 Pro from 1% to 50%. In addition, it can charge other mobile phones that support wireless charging. Compatible with Qi / EPP wireless charging standard*, no matter how many wireless devices, one wireless charger is enough.

* 1. The charging speed of the Warp Flash Charge 30 wireless charger may vary depending on the usage of the device, charging conditions and other factors;

2. Warp Flash Charge 30 wireless charger is compatible with Qi / EPP standard and supports up to 10W charging;

3. When charging, please place the phone vertically on the wireless charging base to ensure normal fast charging.

4. Sleep comfortably and feel relieved.

This wireless charger has an intimate “sleep mode”. It can reduce the charging noise and the brightness of the indicator light when you sleep, so that you can sleep comfortably *. You sleep yours, it fills it up without disturbing each other. When you wake up in the morning, it will be a full day regardless of energy or battery.

* By default, the sleep mode is automatically enabled from 23:00 in the evening to 7:00 in the morning. You can choose to enable or disable it, and you can also set the time manually. When the sleep mode is enabled, it supports up to 10W charging, while other uses, it supports up to 30W charging.

* Due to the use of air cooling technology, slight fan noise and heat during use are normal.

5. Know to protect yourself, and know how to protect equipment.

When the Warp Flash Charge 30 wireless charger detects a foreign object on its surface, it will automatically turn off the power to ensure the safety of itself and the charging equipment*. With it, wireless charging is more assured.

* Metal foreign body detection includes multiple detections such as coins, keys, and credit cards to ensure the safety of chargers and charging equipment.

6. It is safer and you are more at ease.

The Warp Flash Charge 30 wireless charger has undergone multiple protections such as heat, over-current and over-voltage, as well as rigorous and complete tests, making it safe to charge. It is a reliable charging partner by your side.

7. It can be charged while wearing a shell.

It can charge most mobile phones with non-metallic protective shells, and can support wireless charging for mobile phone shells up to 8mm thick*. Wireless charging is more convenient without removing the case.

* 1. The protective case within 3mm can guarantee the maximum power wireless charging, the protective case within 8mm can be wirelessly charged, and the protective case over 8mm may not be able to enter the wireless charging;

2. If the mobile phone is equipped with a thicker protective case, or there are metal materials in the mobile phone case, it may cause the wireless charger to fail to work or the mobile phone protective case to heat up. Please check before use.



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