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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Bracelet Smartband

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global version Launch kellymi official original xiaomi Dubai shop

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AED139.000 AED200.000

In Stock Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Bracelet Color AMOLED Screen Mi Band 5 Wristband Fitness Tracker Remote Control Heart Rate Monitor

 display  1.1″ AMOLED Display
 battery  125mAh battery compacity, Up to 14 days (Recharging time ~2 Hours)
 Water resistance  5ATM water resistance up to 50m
 System requirement  Android 5.0, IOS 10 or above
 Connective  Bluetooth 5.0
 Sensor  3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope,
 Healthy monitoring  24/7 Heart rate monitoring
 Activity Tracking  Count steps, distance, calories burned, Female health monitor
 Other Features
 1.Stopwatch/ 2.Alarm clock/ 3.Timer/ 4.Find my phone /5.Phone unlock /6.Event reminder /
 7.Do not disturb mode/ 8.lock screen/ 9.music control on band/ 10. Easily charged with magnetic charging pins/
 11.Remote control the photo camera/ 12. Female health monitor
 Package Contents  Mi smartband 5 * 1

 Wrist strap * 1
 Specialized charging cable * 1
 User Manual * 1
 about nfc  not support
if you need nfc, you need to choose nfc version,which will be on list around jun.28
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Fitness Bracelet 2020 New Arrival
* Dynamic Color Large Display – Dynamic display、100+themed dials
* 11 Sport Modes – New Sport Modes Rowing machine、Rope Skipping、Yoga、Elliptical Trainer
* 5ATM Waterproof (50 meters waterproof) – Can be worn in the shower/swimming
* 24hour Heart Rate Monitoring – Real-time heart rate、Heart rate warning
* 24hour Sleep Monitoring – REM rapid eye movements、Short sleep record
* New Women’s Health – Physiological period record and reminder
* 14 Days Long Battery Life – Long standby mode longer life
* Magnetic Charging – Disassembly-free direct charge
More Than 1000 Personality Collocations
Show your vitality and fashion on your wrist
* 100+ online theme dials, and custom wallpapers, combined with 8 wristbands free combination calculation.
1.1″AMOLED Color Screen, All Information Show In One Screen
The display area is again increased by about 20%*, making calls, messages, and reminders clear
Visible, and for the first time realized the dynamic dial display.
Display Area Approximately Add 20%
8 Colors Summer Vigor Original Wristband
There is always one that hits your heart
Which one do you like? Is it the bright and vivid yellow of the sunshine, or the pure pale green of the fresh girl. Up to 8 models, just to add some freshness to your summer outfit.
Yellow-Dark Green-Purple-Navy-Pink-Light Green-Orange-Black
*Own packaging is a black wristband, other color wristbands must be purchased separately if necessary.
Full Coverage Of Indoor/Outdoor Sports Modes
11 Professional Sports Modes
For the first time, Mi Band supports yoga, shaping and fat-reducing rowing machines, skipping ropes, etc., accurately monitoring and analyzing each sports posture, heart rate, pace, and calorie consumption help you achieve your weight loss goals efficiently.
For the first time, Mi Band supports yoga, shaping and fat-reducing rowing machines, skipping ropes, etc., accurately monitoring and analyzing each sports posture, heart rate, pace, and calorie consumption help you achieve your weight loss goals efficiently.
* Rowing Machine/ Elliptical Trainer/ Yuga/ Running Outdoor/ Cycling/ Swimming/ Spinning/ Rope Skipping/ Treadmill/ Fast Walking/ Free Training
Rowing Machine Mode | First Choice For Fat Loss
Can exercise up to 80% of the muscles of the body at once
Want to lose body fat quickly? This exercise can exercise almost all muscle groups in one exercise, and accurately record the time of pulling and retracting the paddle and the pulling frequency, so as to achieve efficient fat burning effect.
Yoga Mode | Body Shaping + Stretch
The best choice for body shaping, exercise overall stretch, flexibility, coordination, each action only needs to last 3 to 5 minutes, to achieve the effect of improving body stiffness and body shaping.
Rope Skipping Mode | Strengthen The Heart And Lungs + Reduce Fat
Continuous and rapid jumping can increase your heart rate and burn calories in a very short time. At the same time, continuous heart rate increase can speed up the blood circulation of the heart, so that your cardiopulmonary ability is strengthened.
Spinning Mode | Dynamic High Burning + Sweat
The sweating weapon in aerobic exercise is not only fun but also crazy sweating in different riding rhythms, while also enhancing leg strength and beautifying the lower limbs.
Elliptical Trainer Mode | Minimal Damage + Fat Loss
It is the first choice for people with large body weight to reduce fat. While enhancing the strength of the lower limbs, the degree of damage to the knee is as small as possible. Increase resistance and start exercising now.
Comprehensive Monitoring Of Heart Rate, Sleep And Physical Condition
24-hour Intelligent Heart Rate Monitoring
Understand Every Anomaly And Discomfort
The algorithm and hardware* are fully upgraded. When performing irregular sports such as cross-country running, mountain climbing, and hiking, the monitoring accuracy is increased by up to 50%, and it can also be vibrated when your heart rate is abnormal.
* PPG Biological Sensor
Up to 50% increase in accuracy
* Heart Rate Warning
High heart rate vibration reminder
24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring Display
Exercising At High Frequencies
Abnormal Heart Rate
Daily Condition
Resting Period
1. The hardware upgrade is only NFC version; 2. The chart is only used as a function description, not the actual display interface.
24-hour Sleep Monitoring, A Good Night’s Sleep, Very Simple
Upgrade the sleep analysis technology, and the accuracy rate is again improved by 40%*, which can professionally interpret the sleep characteristics of each period and provide scientific suggestions for you to quickly optimize insomnia and other problems.
REM rapid eye movement
Important stage of body recovery
Sporadic Naps
The quality of the nap can also be recorded
Infrared Detection
No visible light interference at night
* 1. The infrared detection function is only supported by Xiaomi Bracelet 5 NFC version; 2. The chart is only used as a function description, not the actual display interface.
Three Health Models, Take You Farewell To Sub-health
* Personal Vitality Index
Evaluate individuals based on data such as gender, age and heart rate
Vitality index, and provide vitality improvement exercise guidance.
* Pressure Monitoring
Understand personal stress status at all times, guide when pressure is too high
Relieve pressure and recover in time.
* BreathingTraining
Quickly release physical and mental pressure, can display rhythm with bracelet
Perform breath training for 1~5 minutes.
New Women’s Health, Monthly Secret, Record And Remind
The physiological period and ovulation period can not only be recorded in full, but also reminded before coming. The longer you use it, the better you understand your little secret.
Xiaomi Sport App, Daily Health Data At A Glance
Your heart discomfort, exercise mileage, and sleep problems are all recorded one by one, and you can also choose your own fitness class in the app to exercise according to your own situation.
New Magnetic Charging, Touch To Charge
* 14 days
Standard/NFC Version
Typical mode endurance
* 20 days
Standard Version
Long endurance mode
One-key Remote Control Taking Photos
Take selfies and take photos without asking for help.
More Functions
Music Control、Find Phone、Phone Mute、Do Not Disturb、Phone Unlock、Call Reminder、Countdown、Calendar reminder、Event Reminder、Message/Notifications Reminder、Sedentary Reminder、Weather forecast

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