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50 in stock

Mi Ionic Hair Dryer Highlights

Ionic Hair Treatment
The built-in condensation needle condenses the moisture in the air and atomizes it into tiny negative electro-hydraulic ions, and then transfers it to the hair with the wind, effectively reduces static electricity, replenishes moisture and enhances luster.

NTC Intelligent Temperature Control
The NTC intelligent temperature control module senses the change of ambient temperature in the air inlet, automatically adjusts the time of alternating hot and cold air blowing, and greatly reduces the scalp discomfort or hair damage caused by excessive temperature.

360° Magnetic Anti-scalding Tuyere
The freely rotatable magnetic air tuyere delivers high-speed airflow wind for fast dry hair. The double-layer structure design can reduce the temperature of the tuyere surface and effectively insulates it.

Strong Air volume
2000rpm high-speed motor + 1.6 m3 large air volume with 6 pieces airfoil blades to effectively control wind noise and fast blow hair.

XIAOMI Hair Dryer Main Features


* Material: ABS + electronic components
* Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz, Power: 1800W
* Water ion hair care technology
* High air volume and quick drying technology
* NTC intelligent temperature control
* Hot and cold circulation wind mode
* Double magnetic air nozzle
* Compact and portable design







                   Detailed parameters

Xiaomi water ion hair dryer
Quickly dry, deep hydration, no damage.
Large air volume, water ion hair care.
NTC intelligent temperature control, hot and cold air circulation.
Magnetic mouth, 360° free rotation.
A hair dryer that will hydrate.
Water ion deep hair care, long lasting soft and shiny hair.Tookfun
Secret of hair and water
Water ion technology, Blow dry hair, how to care for hair at the same time?
The secret is hidden in the air outlet. The built-in condensation needle condenses moisture in the air,
Instantaneous atomization into tiny negative electro hydraulic ions via a needle electrode, Continuously with the wind to the hair, effectively close the scales, penetrate into the hair and scalp. Reduces static electricity, tames the hair, and significantly improves the gloss of the hair.
Independent water ion channel design to avoid high temperature interference.
Double insulated independent air duct design to protect water ions from long distances,
Free from high temperature loss of blowing, Direct to the depths of the hair.
Strong wind volume, intelligent high temperature.
20000rpm high speed, 1.6m3/min high air volume, NTC intelligent high temperature, hot and cold air circulation.
High speed, low noise.
Strong wind, fast dry hair.
The high torque, high-speed Japan brand motor, combined with 6 wing blades, provides a strong wind source, output 1.6m3 of wind per minute, and quick dry hair. Each fan blade is dynamically balanced and debugged, and the professional design of the rectifying wing is used to effectively control the wind noise, resulting in a quieter and more pleasant blowing experience.
NTC intelligent temperature control
hot and cold air circulation, effectively avoiding overheating damage to hair.
Strong, soft wind two shift switch, gentle care for the natural luster of hair.
Mode 1: hot air, orange light is always on.
Mode 2: hot and cold circulating wind, blue and orange lights cycle flashing.
Mode 3: Cold wind, blue light is always on.
360° magnetic air nozzle. Store:344208
Freely rotatable magnetic air nozzle, Output high-speed airflow wind beam, Quick dry hair meets local styling needs.
High-quality UV touch paint, skin friendly and stain resistant.
Continuing the minimalist design style of Mijia products, the pure white appearance can be easily integrated into various environments such as toilets and dressing tables. It is made of high quality hand-painted paint and double coated double baked spray coating technology, which is effective against dirt and scratches.Tookfun
Small and portable, easy to store.
The light and comfortable hand-held feel is not too tired for a single hand grip even if it is used for a long time. Small size.
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