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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S Table Lamps 4 Mode Dimmable Reading Light WiFi

AED139.000 AED270.000

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S Table Lamps 4 Mode Dimmable Reading Light WiFi Work with Apple Home Mi Home APP 100-240V


1.Larger area, more uniform lighting The luminous flux of the Mijia desk lamp 1S is 73% higher than that of the 1st generation, up to 520lm. The central illuminance value is increased to 1250 lux, 66% higher than the 1st generation. 2.Ra90 Super High Color Reduction Index The color rendering index of Mijia desk lamp 1S is as high as Ra90, and the color reproduction ability exceeds 1 generation. It also meets the lighting color reduction standard of medical places. 3.4 lighting modes In order to meet the lighting needs of different scenes, four lighting modes are preset. Each mode helps the user protect their eyes as much as possible while meeting basic lighting needs. Especially in the focus mode, the table lamp will remind the user to rest by “breathing”, improve work efficiency, and use the eye reasonably. 4.Support Xiao Ai classmates and Siri voice control, Support knob to adjust brightness and color temperature Simultaneous access to Mijia APP and Apple HomeKit system, support for Xiao Ai and Siri voice control. In addition, the user can also adjust the color temperature, warmth and light and darkness through the physical knob.

5.25,000 hours of service life


Product model: MJTD01SYL

Product color: white

Brightness range: 1%-100%

Color temperature range: 2600K-5000K

Luminous flux: 520lm Color rendering index: Ra90

Table lamp input: 12V 1.0A

Rated input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.1A

Rated power: 9W (42 x 0.5W / LED module)

Service life: about 25,000 hours

Support system: Android4.4 or iOS9.0 and above

Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Executive standard: GB 7000.1, GB 7000.204, GB/T 17743

Package List:

1 * Desk Lamp

1 * Power Socket

10,000 opening and closing test! Rely on precision and reliable shaft design, the use of more reliable, longer life expectancy

Unique cooling structure Make sure the light is soft and even, but also extend the life of the lamp

Mi LED Desk Lamp has received the following certifications



4 Different Lighting Modes 1.Focus mode Focus mode, the user can set a “focus period” and “rest period”, each completed a “focus period” table lamp will be “light breathing” to remind the user to rest, to help users protect their eyes health.

2.Reading mode Reading mode,Xiaomi LED smart table lamp to provide users with a more neutral color temperature (4000K) and 100% brightness, while taking into account the increased attention, as much as possible to make the human eye after reading a long time will not feel tired.

3.Computer mode Computer mode is designed to reduce the proportion of blue light into the human eye. 2700K color temperature soft light can reduce the proportion of blue light injected into the human eye, to protect the health of both eyes.

4.Children mode Xiaomi LED smart table lamp through the biometric safety certification, in line with the latest safety standards. However, children’s eye development is not yet complete. The specially designed children’s model of LED Smart Table Lamps allows children to control the lighting of their own and does not trigger the light above 4000K color temperature, protecting the children’s eyesight from optical damage.

Easily switch on and off, adjust color temperature and brightness via a knob.



Flicker free, natural lighting Mi LED Desk Lamp comes with a patented optical design that combines numerous light reflection and refraction, producing light that is close to natural lighting.



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