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Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Humidifier Waterless Mist Evaporation Suitable for allergic people 4L Large Water Tank Work With Mijia APP

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Smartmi Pure Humidifier Waterless Mist 4L Large Water Tank Work With Mijia APP

Natural Evaporation, Healthier Without Water Mist

Evaporating Moisturising ( Easy Water Injection) 4L Large Water Reservoir q Suitable for people with Allergy

WaterLess Mist q Without White Powder , Increases humidity evenly

Pure hydration from nature

Healthier Without Fog

Clean Moisturizer zhimi uses the principle of natural evaporation.

It accelerates the evaporation of water through the wind to provide a moist experience that evenly improves the humidity of the environment.

Innovative evaporation system Simulates the natural effect of hydration To simulate the evaporation of water in nature, we use 36 blades for evaporation,

which rotate slowly to fully connect with water to create an ultra-thin layer of evaporation of “water film” with an area of almost 2 m2.

The transverse fan with a diameter of 85 mm on top provides an even  flowof air to a large area.





























240mI/h Effective hydration Natural Evaporation Cleansing Pure White Powder

People with allergies can use it with peace

of mind During the entire hydration process evaporates only water, water mist is not formed, and ions of calcium, magnesium, impurities or bacteria in the water will not be released into the air.

The water-filling water is also a water injection port at any time.

The quiet and low power Wet Air Companion day and night The lowest noise value of a pure moisturiser is only 34.3 dB (A) q. The tickless DC engine, which controls airflow, can run

quietly and save energy for a long time.



























The design of separating the electric and water tank Is Safer to use For daily safe use, the clean moisturizer zhimi takes the design of the separation of power on the water of the body to separate the water tank from the electrical components.

Automatic water

evaporation Reduces bacterial

growth At the lowest water level, keep working for 8 hours and automatically accumulate water to avoid odors caused by stored water.






















The upper touchpad is more convenient Display work is integrated, the operation is intuitive and convenient, the left button adjusts the brightness of the indicator, and the right button switches gear.

4L super large tank tank for water The highest gear can also moisturize overnight, full of moisture before dawn.

An open water tank is easy to wash the inside of the water tank flat, easy to wash and without dead corners.


Ai Turn On Smart Meter Moisturizer” Pure moisturizer zhimi can be connected to Xiaomi AI speakers and Xiaomi Xiaoai mini speakers.


The Mijia Installation app is more intelligent wetting scenes Smart moisturiser is intelligently controlled by the Mijia app.

Thanks to the built-in temperature and humidity sensor and capacity water level sensor, it can easily check the room temperature, humidity and changes in water level while working.

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